The Chevy Super Sport

Chevy Super Sport

Chevy Super Sport, or SS

The super sport, or SS, is the Chevrolet designated performance option package that is available on certain vehicles. Every SS model carries a distinctive mark “SS” somewhere on its exterior. The SS option was first appeared on the 1961 Impala.  Other models that can proudly wear the SS badge are the Monte Carlo, Chevelle, Nova, El Camino, and  Camaro. Modern SS models are made exclusively  by the GM Performance Division.

The History Of Muscle Cars

It’s been said that auto racing started the day the second car was built. Cars and competition go together. Car owners will always look for an edge in power and performance, it’s just natural. This competition for performance took a big step forward in America in the 1960s and 70s with the advbent of the “muscle car”. A mucle car is basically a mid-sized car coupled with an oversized V-8 engine, probably built between 1963 and 1975.These cars were also decked out with special trim andperformance upgrades.
This formula of more performance at less expense worked very well for Chevy, playing to their strengths. Their line of muscle cars from that time period have helped develop a unique and historic era in American history. Chevy Super Sport also provided us with some very collectible cars with a thrilling, mean and muscular look.

Collectors Market

It can seem simple to spot the visual differences of the Chevy Super Sport from a basic model. In reality, it is challenging to tell a genuine SS from a “clone”, a non-SS car that’s been made to mimick an authentic, factory built SS. There are many SS clones out there in the car marketplace. If you are looking to buy one of these masterpieces, do your diligent research. Call a local car clubs for their help in confirming that car is a real SS. Check the VIN codes  on the engine. Inspect the factory build sheet  if the Super Sport package was installed as a factory option. Altered non-SS cars can appear like the SS but only use trim panels instead of aftermarket mechanical parts.